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Wedding Styles in Thailand Buddhist wedding ceremony

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 A traditional Thai wedding ceremony can be conducted in the presence of monk in the couple’s home. If monks are involved it is usually an odd number, three, five, seven or a maximum of nine, and always facing west.  Led by the senior monk, the ceremony begins with prayers chanted in Pali Sanskrit while the couple kneels with their hands in the traditional wai position. The senior monk then drapes a thread around the heads of the couple to symbolize their commitment to one another, and splashes them with holy water. Small offerings are presented to the monks, followed by more chanting. Friends and family can then tie a thread around this wrist of the bride and groom and give an envelope containing money for the start of their life together. The ceremony usually lasts for 30 minutes. After the wedding, in order to ensure that the ceremony leads to a lifetime of love the couple must visit the local temple and make a donation. In return monks will perform a wedding blessing ceremony. 
Christian wedding ceremony
Many hotels and resorts in Thailand offer a Christian wedding service. Arranging legally recognized marriages in Thailand can be an involved process but most hotels can help streamlined the process. However, you will need to spend one night in Bangkok in order to register the marriage. Often a hotel will supply a representative to meet you at the Thai embassy and guide you through the relevant forms. Documents are then sent to the hotel for your ceremony. Thai marriage certificates will also be translated and sent to your residential address. There will be a fee, usually around 20,000 baht, and additional embassy fees.
A couple must also provide proof that they are both single and free to marry. This is usually in the form of an affidavit notarised by your respective Embassy in Bangkok. If you are a westerner marrying a Thai, some embassies may require a letter from the police in your country stating that you are of good character. If you are divorced you will need the original certificates. All documents must be translated to Thai and attested by the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Indian wedding ceremony
Thailand has a sizeable Indian community and become renowned for fabulous traditional Indian weddings, so much so that Indian couples now come from all over the world to get married here. Attracted by the country’s beautiful islands and beaches, a variety of weddings venues, value for money, and gracious Thai hospitality, popular destinations include Bangkok, Phuket and Hua Hin. Indian wedding arrangers in Thailand can provide Thailand can provide you with everything required for a tradition wedding, mandap, mehendi wali, flower decorations, Indian food, and an Indian DJ.
One of the most renowned hotels in Bangkok for hosting Indian weddings is the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. The majestic hotel’s Grande Ballroom is a fabulous venue for the Indian wedding party of your dreams. With the help of Indian professional wedding planners and designers, the room can be decorated to reflect your personal style, traditions or culture. Couples can choose graceful drapes, elegant floral arrangements or the warm glow of candle light to add elegance and romance to the opulent setting. 
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